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Leslie Jones Drops Twitter After Leaving Rant Calling Shaming Racist ‘Ghostbusters’ Trolls on

Leslie Jones Drops Twitter After Leaving Rant Calling Shaming Racist 'Ghostbusters' Trolls on

When there’s something strange on your Twitter profile, who you gonna call? Leslie Jones.

Even after opening to positive reviews and decent box office, the all-female Ghostbusters reboot is still being subjected to scorn from Internet fanboys. And yet again the victim is one of the film’s stars, Leslie Jones.

Jones has already been at the center of several Ghostbusters scandals. First, she responded to critics who disliked the fact that her character, Patty Tolan, was an MTA employee instead of a scientist by saying that “a regular person” could be a Ghostbuster. Then when she couldn’t find a dress to wear to the film’s premiere, shecalled out designers on Twitter until Christian Siriano agreed to provide her with a gown.

The latest round of trolling, however, was far more sinister. On Monday, Jones tweeted out that she had received messages calling her an ape, and that she had been sent obscene photos. She then decided to expose the tr0lls so that her 139,000 followers could see “the evil.”

Jones shared a succession of screenshots that referred to her as King Kong and Harambe (the ape killed at the Cincinnati Zoo), called her “ugly” and “savage” and implied that she had been dropped on her head as a baby. (To see the images, head to Jones’ Twitter page).

She then sent out a message to all the haters:

Jones’ tweets took on a darker tone later in the evening when she discovered that a fake account was tweeting out racist, anti-gay rhetoric in her name, effectively driving her off Twitter—again, go to her account for the screenshots:




By John Bonazzo

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