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Liam Hemsworth Contacts Ex-Miley Cyrus Concerned After Health Scare

Liam Hemsworth Contacts Ex-Miley Cyrus Concerned After Health Scare

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have had a whirlwind relationship and they were even engaged to be married, but it all came to a crashing end in September 2013. Ever since then Miley Cyrus seems to have sworn off men altogether and focused on her career and fans.

But when Miley landed herself in the hospital last week, reportedly from an acute allergic reaction to some antibiotics she was taking to treat a sinus infection, Liam decided to break the silent treatment and reach out to her to see how she was feeling.

Showbizspy is reporting that the Australian hunk called Miley up to see how she was feeling after reports of her failing health flooded the media. Latest official statements had her staying in the hospital a full 25 days as she was recovering from the allergic reaction.

“Liam still cares about Miley,” says one source, adding that “They didn’t work out as a couple, but he still wants to know that she’s okay.”

“He was extremely worried when he heard Miley was hospitalized, so he got in touch to find out how she is,” according to the same source.

There are no reports as to how Miley reacted when she got that phone call from Liam, the man widely believed to have caused her so much pain that she went on to write the song “Wrecking Ball.” Friends of the singer are simply saying that her stay in the hospital is causing her severe anxiety because she’s missing out on performances.

For those of you that don’t know, Miley is still on the “Bangerz” tour, despite the fact that her hospital stint has caused her to cancel a couple of performances. The same friends are quoted as saying, “Miley is going mental with boredom right now, all she wants to do is get on with her tour so she’s doing everything she can to get better.”

Ever the professional, Miley is shedding all concern about personal health and thinking only of her fans. “She’s told everyone she will be better for her show on Monday. Her team isn’t so sure but they’re holding out until the last minute possible before they cancel,” claims the friend.

The cause of Miley’s hospitalization has also been debated in the press, as many put it down as a consequence to the death of her beloved dog Floyd, which passed away some while back after he was attacked by a coyote.

Despite the official statement that said Miley was just having an allergic reaction to antibiotics, a close friend said, “What Miley is suffering from is much more than an allergic reaction to antibiotics. She’s really suffering from the death of Floyd. Floyd was her best friend. She feels like a part of her, a big part of her, has died.”



By Dragos Rusu



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