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SAN FRANCISCO – It’s not surprising that Ryan Reynolds will sleep well tonight.  No, it’s not because he’s a wildly successful actor who moviegoers adore.  Instead, he can breathe easier that his upcoming tentpole, the CG-heavy “Green Lantern,” is finally rounding into shape.  Reaction to 10 minutes of footage from Martin Campbell’s at today’s WonderCon presentation was, as Reynold’s co-star Blake Lively described it, “like a celebration.”  And, considering the questions that have plagued the film since the ho-hum response to the first trailer, that’s very good news.

As the Emerald Crusader, Reynolds has a lot of fan, studio and industry expectations to live up to.  Speaking to him after the hour-long presentation, he was in very good spirits and talked about watching the footage after being out of the loop while shooting a film in South Africa for the past six months (that would be “Safe House” with Denzel Washington and Brendan Gleeson).  Ryan says it was the relationship between Hal Jordan and Abin Sur, the alien that bestows the power ring to the Earthling, that stuck him the most.

More intriguingly, when I asked him what he thought of Geoffrey Rush coming on board to voice Tomar-Re, he revealed that there will be more surprise voices in the film.  Considering there are officially 7200 members of the Green Lantern Corps (at least in the comic books) the possibilities for this movie and any sequels stagger the imagination.

For more on Reynolds thoughts about “Green Lantern” watch the interview embeeded in this post.

“Green Lantern” opens nationwide and in IMAX on June 17.

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By Gregory Ellwood – Watch the Emerald Crusader right after his WonderCon presentation



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