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Lindsay Lohan Finds Missing Purse—but What Happened to Her $10,000?

So much for vacations, right, Lindsay Lohan?

After the leak and early release of her Playboy magazine opus and the completion of 12 days of community service at the L.A.  County morgue, LiLo headed to Hawaii to get away from it all.

Alas, a relaxing sojourn was not in the cards

Lohan’s purse went missing when she was at a house party. Thankfully, the  purse was found and eventually made its way back to Lohan, the actress’s rep  confirms to E! News.

There’s not quite a happy ending, though. Per TMZ, Lindsay had stuffed $10,000 in her bag—no, that’s not a  misprint—and, alas, the cash was AWOL when the purse was returned. While Lohan’s  rep would not confirm the amount, he did tell us that she did lose a  considerable amount of money.

We have no idea why Lindsay thought it was a good idea to be walking around  with that kind of cash on her, but here’s hoping the rest of LiLo’s Hawaiian  getaway is drama-free. Knowing Lindsay, though, that might prove difficult.






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