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Lindsay’s Latest Courtroom Shocker: A Glowing Report!

It was worth that long-haul flight, after all.

Lindsay Lohanwas back in court this morning for the first time since Judge Stephanie  Sautner sentenced the perpetually troubled starlet to 30  days behind bars for violating probation (she served  just a fraction of that time).

But guess what? Christmas came early for LiLo today, as she was treated to  something rather unusual by the no-nonsense judge: a glowing report of her  probation.

Here’s hoping this is the start of a turn-around

When discussing Lindsay’s community service hours, Sautner praised  the star  for having “done it not only on time, but early. You did the 12  days and you  completed it early.”

Well done, Lindsay! So what’s next? Just more of the same…

“You know the drill,” Sautner told her.

Lindsay has to repeat the process—serve 12 days’ community service,  complete  four therapy sessions and check in with her probation  officer—before her next  progress hearing next month.

Meanwhile, though today’s lightning-quick proceedings were as smooth  as  Lindsay and attorney Shawn Holley could ever have hoped for, there  was still  one small point of contention.

“There seems to be some confusion on whether or not you were   permitted to  take vacation outside the state,” Sautner said, adding that   Lohan’s probation  officer apparently “thought your sister’s birthday  was a holiday and said you  could go to Hawaii. I don’t have a problem  with that.”

In fact, Sautner said she would continue to encourage LiLo’s   adherence to  court orders by allowing the starlet to travel out of the   state for any  purpose so long as she’s already completed her dozen days of   service.

“Any month you’ve completed 12 days early, you can travel,” she said.  “For  pleasure, for any purpose…to go to a spa, whatever she wants to do. Whatever anyone else is allowed to do.

“You’re doing well,” she noted after joking (joking!) with both Lindsay  and Holley. “I’d like to see it continue…I know she doesn’t like  coming back  here.”

And there may be even more good news on the horizon for Lindsay.

“Do more days a month and then we can end this in February, possibly.” Merry  Christmas, indeed!

For now, LiLo must complete 12 more days of service, four therapy  sessions  and meet with her probation officer prior to her next court  hearing, on Jan.  17.




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