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Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Stripped of Crown After Many Claimed She Wasn’t Latina Enough

Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Stripped of Crown After Many Claimed She Wasn't Latina Enough 1

Jakiyah McKoy, 7, was named Miss  Chiquita Delaware, but was soon stripped of her title following an  investigation into her Dominican background–with many claiming that she did not  best represent “Latin beauty.” In short? Many believe she was stripped of her  crown because of her dark skin.

According to sources and Latino  Rebels, the uproar came right after she was crowned. The pageant  requires that each contestant be at least 25 percent Latino. According to her  family, Jakiyah’s grandmother was born in the providence of La Vega in the  Dominican Republic. After the uproar, Maria Perez, President of  Nuestras Raices Delaware (the organization that sponsors the Little Miss  Hispanic Delaware beauty pageant) asked the family to provide proof of her  Hispanic heritage. It should be noted that no other contestant was asked for  this documentation to “prove” her Latino heritage.

Responding to Latino  Rebels for comment, Perez stated: “Whenever we are questioned, we ask  for them to bring that stuff in,” she said. Perez denies the claims that the  questioning was racially motivated.

“Color has nothing to do with it,” she said. She also cited other contestants  who were both black and Hispanic and who had been crowned.

The organization crowned someone else, and McKoy was given “runner-up”  despite not providing documentation.
By Samantha Leal



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