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Live at So You Think You Can Dance: A Tough Night for the Guys in the Top Six Showdown

The top six dancers battled it out on So You Think You Can Dance during Wednesday night’s performance show, vying for a spot in the coveted final four. Everyone wants a shot at the title of America’s Favorite Dancer and no one was holding back!

The judges may have already voiced their picks for the top spots, but from our seat behind the judges’ table, we think it’s going to be tough for America to cast their votes! So which girl did judge Nigel Lythgoe deem his favorite, who made the judges cry and what was the breakout performance of the night?

Two routines and one solo apiece later, the top six has left their fate in the hands of voters, and it’s not going to be easy.

Melanie Moore kicked off Wednesday’s show with a fierce Red Riding Hood-themed Nappytabs lyrical hip-hop routine with all-star TwitchSasha Mallory followed up partnered with all-star Kent Boyd in what judge Mary Murphy called an “absolutely intoxicating” contemporary piece, bringing her and fellow judge Lil’ C to tears and prompting Nigel to claim that Sasha was his favorite dancer of the competition.

With a strong start from the girls, we were surprised to see fan favorite Marko Germar fall short. His paso doble got mixed reviews from the judges, especially Nigel, who said, “This close to the finale I want more passion.”

However, his less-than-perfect performance hasn’t curbed his confidence that he’ll be competing next week.

“I feel like I did everything I needed to do,” he told us after the show. “I’m completely happy with it. I’m satisfied. I did whatever I could and I’ve told everybody since the top 20 that whoever wins the show I’ll be happy. I just hope to go through and if not, we have tour baby!”

On another not-so-great note, Tadd Gadduang‘s contemporary piece left Lil’ C giving advice on how to expand on such a short routine.

“You have to make every movement last forever.”

Ricky Jaime followed up with a stunning contemporary piece that although moving, left him just shy of extraordinary.

“You don’t always dance with the clearest intent,” said guest judge Christina Applegate.

Even though the guys had a tougher time pleasing the judges, the girls continued to rock the dance floor. Caitlynn Lawson closed out round one with a sexy samba with all-star Pasha, which had Mary pounding the judges table and screaming, “Your body was dancing!”

With their individual dances down, the pressure seemed to release as the top six paired off for the final three pieces of the night.

Sasha and Ricky paired up for a fun and funky waacking routine (yes, that’s actually a style of dance) that only left the judges wanting more.

“I truly enjoyed the fun of it,” Nigel said. “[Especially] Sasha, wow you were fabulous!”

Ricky said it was a brand new experience that didn’t come easy.

“The hardest thing ever,” he shared after the show. “I don’t know anything and when they told us we had it, I said ‘Sasha are you ready for this?’ I loved it. I didn’t think it was going to be that much fun. Our choreographer made it so much fun. It was like learning ballet in two days, but so much fun. I enjoyed myself on stage today.”

Melanie and Tadd took on a Broadway piece that left Nigel eating his words and changing his mind about who his favorite dancer is.

“You are a brilliant actress and an incredible dancer,” he said. “You’re back to being my favorite dancer.”

When we chatted with Melanie after the show, we brought up the favorite flip-flopping Nigel has been playing between her and Sasha. Melanie says regardless of how much Nigel plays it up on the show, her and Sasha don’t talk about it.

“We are roommates and we really haven’t [talked about it],” she said. “I don’t really hear what he says to anybody else. So when he says it, it’s like ‘Oh thanks! I didn’t even know you said it to somebody else!’ ”

The night closed out with Caitlynn and Marko performing a contemporary routine that had Nigel clapping just a few seconds in. At the end, all the judges were on their feet in a standing ovation!

“Best number ever for you Caitlynn,” Mary said. “You brought true grit to it.”

“Caitlynn you came of age tonight,” Nigel added.

While many have pegged Sasha and Melanie to be the top two girls left standing, Christina said Caitlynn’s performance could change that.

“I think it was kind of clear for awhile [who would be in the top four], but we had a dancer who had a huge breakthrough tonight. She got a standing ovation so you never know.”

Who do you think will be in the final four? Who are you voting for? Do you think the judges were too hard on the guys? Let us know in the comments!




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