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London Kicks Off One Year Countdown To 2012 Olympic Games

Sure summer 2012 is a year away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for a July overseas excursion. Citizens of London have already begun the preparation process for next year’s Olympic Games, which is expected to attract a flurry of sports-crazed tourists.

Several of England’s largest venues will play host to the athletes, including Wembley Stadium (for football), Hyde Park (for swimming), and the brand new Olympic Stadium, which is expected to hold over 80,000 people! There, fans will see the glorious opening and closing ceremonies along with a possible kickoff performance from Sir Paul McCartney.

And even though the opening ceremony begins next July 27, you can expect the Olympics hype to start way before that. Beginning May 19, the traditional torch relay process will begin with famous faces carrying the flame through Glasglow, Belfast, Oxford and plenty more of the country’s more high-profile cities.

And as with every Olympics, the London Games will have some new mascots added to the mix. Nicknamed Wenlock and Mandeville, the 2012 characters are actually based off of drops of steel and will appear in a series of digital shorts throughout the next 11 months. Sporting one eye each and some curious silver coloring, they are definitely “unique” to say the least.

Olympic organizers are also making several additions to prove that they’re “up to speed” with the modern times. According to the Hollywood Reporter, broadcasts will be shot with 3D cameras, which should make those diving and hurdle competitions a lot more interesting.

As of right now, Londoners are helping to prepare with a massive digital clock in the center of Trafalgar Square. Counting down until the exact moment the torch is lit, it will serve as a yearlong reminder of the exciting times to come.

Though we’re still a ways off from knowing exactly who will be qualifying, we’ve got our eyes on a few American Latinos who will hopefully shake things up in 2012.

And, as per usual, you can expect a huge Latin American presence when the fanfare begins next July. Everyone from Costa Rica, to Peru, to Cuba is expected to participate (and we’re REAL curious to see how the Uruguayan fútbol teamfares).

Plus, when it’s all said and done, the Latino world will have even more to look forward to. Because, as we all know, the 2016 Games are set to debut in gorgeous Rio de Jeneiro!



By Michael Lopez

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