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Lorde and Beyonce Apparantly Shared Notes As Lorde Drops ‘No Better’ On iTunes As Well

Lorde and Beyonce Apparantly Shared Notes As Lorde Drops 'No Better'  On iTunes As Well


While the whole world is busy ogling over Beyonce’s ‘visual album’ last Friday, Lorde released a single that same day. However, the said single did not make it to her album “Pure Heroine.”

The teenage singer released her single ‘No Better’ over iTunes just hours after Beyonce debuted her self-titled album. Like the latter, Lorde did not announce the single’s release either by traditional or social media.

The track release is also a surprise to her fans as well, as she has said over her Instagram account that she will be hibernating until next year.

‘No Better’ is a three-minute track with strong and notable bass which is a characteristic of some of her songs including her viral hit “Royals.” The lyrics talk of the change of feelings to one another along with the seasons, which describes as something that ‘read like a revealing diary throughout a year.’ 

The track is well-received by music critics, most of which compares it with the rest of her tracks from “Pure Heroine” in terms of the instruments used. Teen Vogue, in particular, likened it to a combination of “Team” and “400 Lux.”

2013 had been a good year for the Kiwi songwriter. “Royals” has topped the music charts including the Billboard Hot 100 and the album “Pure Heroine” making it to Billboard‘s 200 albums chart. She has landed gigs in the United States and in Australia; and finally, she received four Grammy nominations.

But Lorde, born Ella Maria Lani Yellich O’Connor, is not resting on her laurels. She tells Billboard during her gig at the ARIA awards that another album is in the works.

‘I’ve been writing but I haven’t really had time to hit the studio as of yet,’ said Lorde to Billboard. ‘That’ll be the end of this year, or next year.’

In a previous interview with Huffington Post, Lorde says despite the fame she is getting recently, she tries to live her life as normal as she could get.

‘I definitely don’t feel like I’m living in a particularly extravagant sort of way – which I think is good because I think for me, personally, if I was thrown into that kind of thing, I wouldn’t know how to deal with it,’ explained Lorde.

‘Every time I go out, it’s with my mom and my band and my manager and all these adults who are looking over me pretty much, so it’s pretty tame to be honest.’



By Jesselle Maminta



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