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Lupe Fiasco Ends SLC Show After ‘Fan’ Snipes Him With Tomato

Lupe Fiasco Ends SLC Show After 'Fan' Snipes Him With Tomato


As Lupe Fiasco tours in support of his upcoming album Tetsuo and Youth, lots of his fans are getting excited for another album from the rapper. Well, almost everybody. Last night in Utah, Lupe Fiasco was performing a crowd favorite, “Kick, Push” while on tour. Towards the end of the song, though, things got a little….saucy.

Apparently, someone from the top balcony decided to hurl a tomato at Lupe during his performance(watch from the 1:10 mark). Lupe immediately stopped the music and pointed out who he thought it was – a “fat, white bitch”. Then he demanded that everyone in her section leave the area or else he wouldn’t perform any more. The fans didn’t budge, and the show abruptly ended.

A couple questions: Why bring a tomato into a show to throw at an artist who you’ve bought tickets to see? What made that person throw the tomato? Would that person want to throw hands? And why, of all songs, did they throw it during “Kick, Push”?

Watch the video footage of the….fiasco above.

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By Max Weinstein



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