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M.I.A. And Fiancé Are Breaking Up

It seems the nasty middle finger gesture isn’t the only news circling around M.I.A. these days. The  controversial singer and her longtime partner, Benjamin Bronfman, are breaking up.

London-born M.I.A. spends most of her life in the United Kingdom, while Ben lives in New York. This living arrangement has been going on for a while, which doesn’t bode well for serious relationships. The couple has apparently been living separate lives for a while now.

The couple originally met in London a few years ago, and M.I.A. gave birth to their son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, a year later in 2009. Ikhyd is being raised by his father Ben, with help from his mother, Sherry Bronfman. According to a source from the New York Daily News, the 36 year old singer “sometimes goes six weeks without seeing her family.”

M.I.A. has previously entertained the notion of marrying Bronfman for immigration issues, but has discounted it.

“That;s what they (immigration officials) want me to do, but I’m not going to lose my integrity for that s**t… I actually want a nice wedding. I’m not going to blow that. If they’re gonna kick me out, it’s going to be a fight, it’s an important fight to have.”

Well it seems there won’t be a wedding after all. At least not to Benjamin. Seems M.I.A. just gave him the finger.



By Ikam Acosta



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