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Machete Based Game App Leads Robert Rodriguez Suit

Machete Based Game App Leads Robert Rodriguez Suit

09/01/2010 - Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and Robert Rodriguez - 67th Annual Venice Film Festival -

Back when we interviewed Danny Trejo, he mentioned that he had a ton of projects in the works. But one of those projects may have gotten his famous collaborator, Robert Rodriguez, in trouble. It seems the makers of Danny Trejo’s Vengeance are suing the Machete director for attempting to block the release of their product.

Danny Trejo’s Vengeance encapsulates an app and a movie, both of which play up Danny’s badass persona. The Vengeance producers claim that Robert felt those projects would diminish the Machete brand and pushed to have them shut down.

Rodriguez allegedly “set in motion” a plan to ruin the Vengeance franchise, which included pushing Trejo and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak away from the project. Once the big names backed out, the Vengeance company claimed they lost over $5 million.

So, they turned around and sued Robert for $11 million. It all sounds like a sticky mess to us. And to be honest, we’re happy to wait until the “official” Machete app anyway.

Are you sad that Danny Trejo’s Vengeance got scrapped?



by Michael Lopez



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