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Macklemore Heads To ‘Sesame Street’ With ‘Thrift Shop’ Parody

Macklemore Heads To 'Sesame Street' With 'Thrift Shop' Parody

esame Street has a long and storied tradition of playing host to pop culture icons over the years, like when Ian McKellen made an appearance a while back to help teach Cookie Monster how to resist the urge to devour every cookie in site. The most recent celebrity appearance? The rapper Macklemore, known for his hit song “Thrift Shop.”

The song about snagging deals at the thrift store gets the Sesame Street treatment in the video below. With the masterful lyrics “I’m gonna pop some trash,” the song features the Grouches singing about trashy treasures and Macklemore sporting a top hat with a fish coming out the top. It’s kind of amazing, not to mention Macklemore’s fabulous looking coat and rain boots.

I’m not exactly sure what the message Sesame Street is trying to send here. That kids should go through people’s garbage looking for clothing? That some people (homeless people) survive by finding broken scooters and fish-hats in the trash? And what exactly is a Grouch shop? Regardless, Sesame Street has done it again, turning an adult rap into a kid-friendly message. I just have no idea what the message is.



By Cameron Koch



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