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Madonna Shows Ups Hours Late And Possibly Drunk To Kentucky Concert

Madonna Shows Ups Hours Late And Possibly Drunk To  Kentucky  Concert

Madonna has angered her fans in Louisville by showing up nearly three hours late and possibly drunk for her concert on Saturday. The singer performed in Kentucky as part of her Rebel Heart tour. See the video below.

Fans tweeted during the show to voice their displeasure with Madonna’s behavior. A user named @ThoughtsofGing tweeted, “Madonna is drunk and yelling at the Yum Center managers from stage,” while another fan named @MacMiller1991 wrote, “This concert experience has been one of the weirdest in my life. I’m pretty sure Madonna is hammered drunk on stage.” And an attendee named @Maria_Dees added, “Madonna was like drunk tonight…haha will show her speech, soo funny, she couldn’t remember lyrics, choreography and said she feels drunk.”

Others were enraged that Madonna took the stage around three hours later than anticipated. A user named @mathboywonder felt her Louisville concert was “the worst show I’ve ever been to. It’s a blatant act of disrespect for Madonna to be over 2.5 hours later to her show.” Another fan with the Twitter handle @kisseslikekreme was equally unhappy, noting, “wow. I can understand being a little late, but that long? No thanks.” Meanwhile, some concertgoers felt Madonna was being disrespectful to her local fans, with @mollylovesteddy asking, “Why is #Madonna speaking with a southern accent?”

Madonna also bizarrely encouraged the audience to yell “[expletive] yeah” on her command. But if she heard the complaints of her some Louisville fans, they certainly didn’t bother her. Nor did the singer exactly dispel that she had been drinking. On Sunday, she actually seemed to have confirmed it by posted a photo on Instagram, with the caption, “Working on my stand up laying down,” along with a pair of wine glass emojis. She added, “Good practice!!! Thanks Louisville!”

Watch the video above of Madonna possibly drunk as she addresses the audience at her Rebel Heart concert in Louisville.


By McCarton Ackerman



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