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Madonna’s “Psychotic, Violent” Stalker Captured After Escaping Mental Hospital

Justice has been served. And rather quickly.

Not long after the Los Angeles Police Department announced that the  “psychotic” and “very violent” man convicted of stalking Madonna had escaped from a mental hospital, they were able to break the  good news that he has been caught.


Robert Dewey Hoskins was apprehended around 9 a.m. this morning not far from  the mental facility from which he escaped. The 54-year-old is currently in  police custody and is being escorted back to the Metropolitan State  Hospital.

Hoskins, who served a decade in prison for threatening and stalking the pop  queen, was able to walk away from the facility without being noticed just one  week ago. Police had been searching for the man, describing him as “highly  psychotic” and “very violent” and asking the public to contact authorities  immediately if they came into contact with the man.

No mug-shot is being released at this time.

Madonna’s camp has declined to comment on the incident.

In any case, Madonna’s not the only star who’s no doubt breathing a sigh of  relief at his capture this morning: Halle Berry, too, was allegedly one of the celebrity targets of Hoskins,  as she cited increased death threats as her motivation to leave  the country in a recent legal filing.




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