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Major Video Game Announcements Expected At E3

Movies have the Academy Awards, television has the Emmys, and for gamers, the biggest event of the year is undoubtedly E3. Since 1995 the L.A. expo attracts thousands of press outlets and the eyeballs of millions of fans (via the world wide web). Why? Because in the past two decades it has debuted the hottest technology in the world of electronic entertainment. And this year promises even more innovation.

Many think it will be hard to top the fanfare that accompanied the last E3. In 2010, the expo marked the first appearance of the Xbox Kinect, now a huge seller in the video game world. And it’s important to note that systems like the PS3, the Nintendo DS, and the original Xbox all made their first appearance within E3’s hallowed halls.

This year’s event is set to go down at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 7-9, and though much of the console companies’ big reveals are shrouded in secrecy, the web is overloaded with rumors and press leaks.

For one thing, many expect Nintendo to show off the first playable demo of the highly-anticipated Wii 2. Up until now, the media has been very unclear about what capabilities the console will have. Officially labeled Project Café, the new system will reportedly feature a state-of-the-art virtual controller which is expected to put the original Wii technology to shame.

There is also a good chance that Nintendo’s favorite mascot will be making an appearance at the event too. Fans have been waiting for a new Super Mario game for quite some time and now it appears like he’ll be battling Koopa Troopas on the 3DS.

Describing Mario’s newest portable adventure, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto said, the 3DS platformer will be “completely original” and “a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario on N64.”

Though quite a bit of eyes are focused on Nintendo at the moment, let’s not count Sony out. At the last E3, they debuted their enormously successful Playstation Move motion detector and for 2011, rumors are flying that they will unleash a PS mobile companion. Dubbed the Playstation Suite, it will supposedly give Android users the opportunity to play their favorite PS3 titles from their phone!

And let’s not forget about all of the upcoming game announcements that are expected to shake things up. Rock Band creators Harmonix have hinted that they will be revealing something “significant” at this year’s expo. And the creators of the God Of War series may reveal a trailer of the newest installment in their demon-slaying saga. Add to that, first looks at sequels to the popular Uncharted and Legend of Zelda franchises and you’ve got quite a history-making event on your hands.

Are you looking forward to the big video game revelations at E3? Sound off in the comments or @MTV3.

By Michael Lopez



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