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‘The Making of a Child of Destiny’ Book Gets Two Destiny’s Child Projects for Film and Television

'The Making of a Child of Destiny' Book Gets Two Destiny's Child Projects for Film and Television 2

DOUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP announced today the development of two separate film and television adaptations from Brian K. Moore’s original book on the birth of Destiny’s Child. Released in late 2014, Brian K. Moore’s The Making of a Child of Destiny “The Andretta Tillman Story” has been well received as the only first-hand account, from someone who was there through the band’s inception, organic growth, and eventual world domination. Moore and screenwriter James A. Pearson began first round discussions on both the motion picture and television projects with online studios; cable and network representatives at CES 2015 in Las Vegas last week.

making a child of destinyThe two new Destiny’s Child movies will be based on the Moore book which is a first hand account of the woman who created and discovered the band. As opposed to being a tell all – Moore’s book pays homage to the woman behind discovering Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. The book is a tribute to the fact that the band is a modern day Jackson Five – and to the fact that Andretta Tillman was the mentor and one person whose tenacity continually made sure the band succeeded.

“The reason I wrote the book is simple. I promised I would not let what she did be forgotten as her story is one of hope, faith, and triumph, and a testament of what can be overcome and achieved when one dares to dream.” Said author Brian K. Moore “The reach of film and television are helping me keep my word to her. It’s not about dirty laundry to me so much to me as a great story of Denise vs.Ten Goliaths. Andretta was a natural wonder.”

For Moore the reaction to the book has rebirthed conversations about his deceased mentor, friend, and partner Ann Tillman in his conversations. He is committed and on a mission to tell one story, without gossip or unfounded claims, he simply wants to show the universe the key role Tillman she played in creating Destiny’s Child. He is also been humbled by his recent participation in the upcoming official Beyoncé Bio by acclaimed biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli.

“When I was approached by J. Randy and his team to contribute to the official Beyoncé Biography, I was hesitant and protective of Beyoncé and the bands history, but when they said they wanted to know more about Andretta they had my attention.” Said Moore

“Her official bio seeking Moore out as a source for validation and his eyewitness account is a unique validation of the fact that he was there for every point of this bands pertinent history,” said James A. Pearson of Brooklyn Media Group. “Brian is very protective of this story in a way that is a testament to his feelings for the band and that initial team. It’s a great story of a strong woman who could not be stopped in her quest to make other young women stronger, when I see Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child toughness and determination, Andretta’s dream lives on today. It’s a story made for film and I am happy to be part of her legacy finding suitable production partners to create two great films.”

The teleplay will cover the bands growth from a young adult perspective while the feature will center more on the adults behind the award winning band. Both films center how Tillman secured both the Elektra and Columbia/Sony record deals, as well as created and managed the group, formerly known as Girls Tyme, up to the time of her death.




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