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Man Spends $100,000 In 5 Year For Ongoing Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber

Man Spends $100,000 In 5 Year For Ongoing Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber  2

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A Los Angeles man named Toby Sheldon took being a “Belieber” to another level.

The 33-year-old songwriter reportedly spent his life savings on surgeries to look like his idol, 19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber.

Sheldon had several procedures done to achieve Bieber’s “youthful” look, including botox injections, a chin reduction and eyelid surgery, he told the Daily Mail.

“Once Justin shot to fame his face was everywhere and I all I kept thinking when I saw his picture was, ‘I want to look like him.'”

The superfan began with $8,000 worth of hair transplants for his thinning locks, taking photos of the Canadian singer to his surgeon as an example of what he wanted to look like.

 “It took three transplants and a total of $21,000 to accurately lower my hair line, close off my temples and grow back my bangs,” he said.

In a matter of time, Sheldon began to “restructure” his entire look “to maintain a much more youthful appearance,” he told the British tabloid.

The songwriter apparently cites a phobia of aging, and not Bieber-philia, for his decisions to undergo surgery.

“I didn’t necessarily listen to his music or fawn over him as a celebrity, but his face was just so flawless every change I made was modeled after him,” he said.

After perfecting his Bieber-like hair style, Sheldon had his features done — with Botox and Aquamid injections to his face and lips, the website reports. Then, he spent nearly $5,000 on eyelid surgery before undergoing his most recent procedures — a three part smile surgery.

“When I first sought out to look like Justin I only paid attention to specific aspects of his boyish look like his hair and the structure of his face,” he said.

“But the more I started studying Justin and young people in general it’s really their smile that gives them their youthful glow.”

His apparent body dysmorphic disorder has amassed over $100,000 in savings spent on looking like the boyish “Baby” singer, but Sheldon said he isn’t done yet.

“I know there is more work to be done in order to make a full transformation into Justin Bieber’s doppelganger like a nose job and jaw reduction, which my surgeon has suggested,” he told the Mail.

Despite the costly procedures, Sheldon said he “couldn’t be happier” about looking like his teen idol.


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