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Man Sues ‘The Hangover, Part II’ Producers For Copyright Infringement

The general consensus, once the entire world saw “The Hangover, Part II” during its record-breaking first weekend in theaters, was that the writers and director Todd Phillips had basically plagiarized his own work, recycling the plot from the first “Hangover” movie and just setting it in Asia for the second time around.

At least one person is accusing him of a much worse rip off job.

Michael Alan Rubin is suing the film’s producers for copyright infringement, saying that they got the idea for “The Hangover, Part II,” from the screenplay he wrote based on real life experiences. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he says he married a Japanese woman in 2007 and honeymooned in Thailand and India until money got between the newly weds and they split. While in India, he ended up securing leading roles in a number of films there, and turned his experiences with his ex-wife into a screenplay.

How that screenplay, titled “Mickey and Kirin,” would have gotten to “The Hangover” producers is unclear, as is why Michael Alan Rubin would want to claim responsibility for the film.

For more, click over to The Hollywood Reporter.



Source:Huffington Post



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