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Man To Man With Billy Corben – DAWG FIGHT Interview

Man To Man With Billy Corben - DAWG FIGHT Interview 2

Our friends at The Man Guide had a sit down with Director Billy Corben. His film “Dawg Fight” starts streaming on Netflix today.

Director Billy Corben, the man behind Cocaine Cowboys and  ESPN’s 30 for 30The U, has done it again. This time he trained his lens on Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris, the colorful character behind Miami’s underground backyard fighting league. Corben became so intrigued by this fascinating subculture that he spent a year and a half, not to mention a bunch of his own money, shooting Dawg Fight, which begins streaming on Netflix today.

Dawg Fight is a brutally honest look into this ghetto backyard brawling world. The backdrop, as Corben attests, looks more like a third world country than the glitzy Miami we’ve become accustomed to seeing on the screen. It’s not the first time cameras have captured this bloody imagery, but its the first time we see the fighters humanized in a meaningful way.

Hardcore fight fans will be drawn to the stomach wrenching, blood soaked action, but behind it all is a quintessentially American story – one of courage and hustle and determination to make it out of the ghetto at virtually any cost.

I caught up with Billy Corben on the phone this week while he was on his way to work.  Here’s our conversation. (To read some of the highlights, click the link for the transcription released on The Man Guide )




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