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Margot Robbie Gave Alexander Skarsgård Only Bruise He Picked Up During The Entire Shoot During Sex Scene

Confirmation Of Big Plot Twist To Modernize Major Character In 'The Legend Of Tarzan' Film

As if The Legend of Tarzan couldn’t get any hotter.

In an interview with EW, director David Yates discusses an on-set mishap between his Tarzan and Jane, Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie during a very inopportune moment.

“They’re doing this love scene together, and I said [to Robbie], ‘Just slap Alex while you’re making love, just kind of give him a punch,’’” Yates says. Okay then!

As he reveals, the scene didn’t end up how he expected. “It was sort of an earthy, sensual moment of her enjoying sex with Alex, and the only bruise he picked up during the entire shoot was probably that punch from Margot. Which says a lot about her feistiness.”

Luckily, Skarsgård was a good sport, the incident confirming his belief that the character of Jane isn’t a damsel in distress, waiting for her man to save her.

“It was very important that we didn’t want it to feel archaic or dated, where it’s like, tough guy has to save the poor girl,” he said. “You have to feel that she’s strong and independent, and when you cast Margot, you’ll definitely get that.”

This just confirms our earlier suspicions that Harley Quinn could totally take Tarzan in a fight.

Since we know you’re very curious when we get to see this entire scene — Tarzan opens July 1.




By Maeve McDermott

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