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Margot Robbie Uses This Bizarre Tool To Apply Her Foundation

Margot Robbie toothbrush eyebrows

The A-listers employ various unusual beauty hacks to get themselves looking red carpet ready. Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s bizarre use of Nutella, or Miranda Kerr’s terrifying approach to a facial, they’re always trying new ways to look flawless.

And don’t even get us started on Gywneth Paltrow and her wellness suggestions on Goop.

So it’s no surprise that Margot Robbie is a fan of a less-than-conventional technique when it comes to applying her foundation.

The 26 year-old actress has jumped full pelt onto the bizarre beauty bandwagon, confessing that in order to get that gorgeous, flawless finish, she insists on brushing foundation into her eyebrows and hairline to make sure it looks natural.

But how can one get the product into those finer areas? With a toothbrush.

Yes, the Hollywood starlet ditches the make-up brushes and Beauty Blenders in favour of a trusty old toothbrush in order to blend the make-up into her hairline properly and avoid uneven patches.

It’s not the first time she has admitted to doing things a little differently. Last month she opened up to Marie Claire about some of the unusual beauty treatments she has had in the past.

‘When I visited the Philippines last year I had a really crazy one. First I was smothered all over in clay, then I was wrapped up in banana leaves and my whole face was covered in cucumbers too!’ Margot said.

‘By the time it was done I was totally mummified and couldn’t move at all and then I was left to lie like that for an hour. I must’ve looked like a fruit bowl but it did actually feel really nice afterwards.’

Considering you can pick one up from your local pharmacy for a few pounds, the toothbrush trick might be one worth buying into…




By  Jadie Troy-Pryde



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