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Mariah Carey Debuts New Teaser For Lifestyle Sitcom “Mariah’s World”

Mariah Carey Debuts New Teaser For Lifestyle Sitcom "Mariah's World"

OMG, Mariah Carey’s amazing and over the top lifestyle can be so overwhelming it sometimes brings her to fits of tears! We’re getting a first hand look as she does just that in a promo trailer for her new reality show ‘Mariah’s World’ and this is something you HAVE to see!

“I’d rather make everything fun….is this a normal outfit people wear? I don’t know. But I’m at home and this is what I’m wearing,” Mariah Carey, 46, giggles as the clip rolls. She’s wearing a tight black sequined bustier that shows off her amble bosom and long legs as she’s sprawled across a floral sofa in her NYC penthouse. Of course she’s dripping in diamonds with flawless hair and makeup because hey, that’s how Mimi she rolls.

The teaser video shows that yes, Mariah’s life is that of luxurious jet set living that most of us can only fantasize about, but she also has two young kids and her Las Vegas residency and all of that pressure can sometimes be too much for our precious butterfly. She’s seem wiping tears from her face later in the video while saying, I’m so exhausted, there’s so much drama,” and she isn’t kidding.

Since this is Mariah’s world where magic can always come true, she is seen at her hotel door dressed to the nines in sparkly blue lingerie and again coated in glittering diamond jewelry bemoaning how she wanted a furry friend to make her feel better. “You know how they always make up stories saying I want puppies delivered? It would be so cute to have puppies here. Come on, wouldn’t that be cute?” Wait, those stories were fake? Because we can totally see the divalicious Mimi snapping her fingers and having a basket full of adorable pups to play with arriving on her doorstep!

Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until Dec. 4 to see Mimi’s life unfold on her eight part reality show Mariah’s World on E!, but if the amazing luxury and drama that appears in the teaser is a constant part of her daily life, we cannot wait to see it all!!!



by Beth Shilliday



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