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Mariah Carey Parties With The Prince Of Brunei

Mariah Carey Parties With The Prince Of Brunei 2

Mariah Carey Prince Azim 16

How do you spend your 30th birthday when you’re a multi-gazillionaire? At a massive London hotel with serenades from Mariah Carey! At least that’s how Prince Azim of Brunei chose to spend it.

This past week, his royal highness partied down with some of the world’s biggest celebs. Outside of Ms. Mimi, his bday bash included Pamela Anderson, Faye Dunaway, Marisa Tomei and the stars of Glee.

The Dorchester played home to the grand fiesta and Azim reportedly paid for all of his famous guests’ airfare. No word on what the goodie bags were, but in past years he’s been known to hand out entire dental plans.

And believe it or not, the London affair was just a pre-party for the big 3-0. Azim’s actual birthday is at the end of July and we can only imagine what he’s got in store when the big day hits.



By Michael Lopez



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