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Mario Lopez To Host New ‘H8R’ Reality Show

Don’t lie, we know there are at least a few celebs you detest. Whether it’s The Situation’s fist-pumping, or notorious tweeter Paris Hilton, everyone’s got one famous person they’d love to rip on. Well now it looks like The CW network isprepping a show that pits regular people against their A-list enemies and they’ve tapped Mario Lopez to host it!

Entitled H8R, the new series has already signed up notorious celebs Kim Kardashianand Snooki to appear in the pilot episode. The premise would be for stars like Kimand Snooks to confront their “haters” and convince them that their anger is misguided.

Mario would work as a mediator between the two and is actually going to be credited as a producer on the project. Extra exec Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey is also on board, so you can expect a lot of cross-promoting between the two shows.

Now as far as other celebrity guests go, we’ve already got a long list of feuds we’d love to see played out onscreen. Maybe a little confrontation between Miley Cyrus and Rebecca Black? Or Vanessa Bryant vs. Khloe and Lamar? Whatever the lineup, we can definitely see a lot of potential in H8R.


By Michael Lopez



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