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Mark Wahlberg Threatens Bodily Harm To Harry Styles

Mark Wahlberg Threatens Bodily Harm To Harry Styles


In fact, the actor went as far as to threaten the One Direction star live on television, telling host Conan O’Brien: “That little pr**k’s gonna get it.”

“I am going to punch Harry in the nose when I see him,” the Warrior star said. “My four-year-old daughter she pulls out pictures of him, I rip them up, I pretend to get jealous… But if I see that little p***k…”

“I could pretend and invite them to the Transformers premiere and get them to do the title track to the film… And then beat the c**p of him in the video,” he continued.

Sadly, Marky Mark was only joking, adding that his fist-pummelling rage stems from his daughter’s (Ella Rae, 10, and Grace Margaret, four) teen adoration of One Direction – one, as adults, we find equally difficult to share.

Earlier this week, Wahlberg insisted that he never intended to star in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, even if his production company won the bidding war. Ultimately, he lost out on the film rights to Universal Pictures and Focus Features.

“We were in contact through our agency with the writer,” he told The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“Then for some reason she got another agent and then they realised what a valuable property it was, it created a bidding war and it just blew us out of it.

“We had the early bet on it and we were close to getting it but it didn’t happen.”

“I wasn’t going to star in it. But I would have liked to produce it. I knew what an exciting property it was,” he added.

Asked whether he would have also taken the opportunity to hang around the set of the raunchy film, he added: “I don’t know if that would go down well with my wife… Or my parish priest… Maybe once in a while just to make sure everything was going to schedule and plan!”




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