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Matthew McConaughey Hints at Magic Mike 2: Sequel Is “Legitimately Brewing”

Matthew McConaughey Hints at Magic Mike 2: Sequel Is "Legitimately Brewing"

MM-CB-03753Looks like the Magic isn’t gone just yet.

Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey reveals that a sequel to the booytlicious 2012 male-stripper extravaganza is still very much in the cards, and that he hasn’t ruled out jumping back into the movie’s rump-shaking world—and those itty-bitty thongs.

“I know it’s something that’s legitimately brewing,” he tells MTV News, adding that he’s down to reprise his role as troupe ringmaster Dallas.

“In the right way [I would come back],” he says of the flick, which was loosely based on costar Channing Tatum‘s own experience busting moves early in his showbiz career. (A Broadway version is reportedly in the works.)

“It would be so much fun, but I would only be able to revisit Dallas if I really go, ‘OK, that’s what he would be doing’…I’d have to keep him the same tone.”

McConaughey, 43, cops that he hasn’t had the chance to catch up with Tatum recently, but then again, the Sexiest Man Alive’s got other things on his mind—like prepping to be a first-time parent with preggers ladylove Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

“I think he’s taking some time off, too, because he’s about to be a new dad,” says McConaughey, who himself just became a new father once again.

Magic Mike was a critical and commercial smash when it hit theaters last summer, grossing $167 million worldwide and earning McConaughey an Independent Spirit Award nomination for best supporting male performance.

With talk of a sequel churning, McConaughey might wanna brush up on those frisky stripper dance moves, yes?



by Alexis L. Loinaz

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