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Mayweather Takes Down Ortiz In Controversial Fight

There were quite a few boos coming out of the stands when Victor Ortiz took on Floyd Mayweather this past Saturday. And interestingly, they seemed to be aimed at both fighters. In what many have deemed a “bizarre turn of events,” the WBC Welterweight bout wrapped up in the fourth round with Floyd earning a questionable win.

Everything seemed to start off rather well for the much-hyped Vegas fight. Both boxers stepped into the ring amid enormous cheers. Victor strutted through the stands to Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” while Floyd made a grand entrance alongside rapper 50 Cent. The first three rounds were quite thrilling too, with both fighters racking up solid scores from the judges.

The controversy began during the middle of round four, when Ortiz knockedMayweather into a corner and doled out an enormous head butt. Obviously that drew huge jeers from the crowd and led referee Joe Cortez to immediately stop the fight.

Victor drew a penalty point for his actions and seemed to sincerely apologize for his mistake. But Floyd wasn’t so forgiving. When Cortez started the clock again, Ortiz acted a bit confused and got a surprising left hook to the face!

Mayweather then threw a flurry of punches into his unprepared opponent, knocking him down for the count. That, unsurprisingly, drew even more anger from the rowdy Vegas crowd, with many believing that Floyd’s win was not justified.

Mayweather felt confident about his actions, saying after the fight,

“What goes around comes around. You wanted a knockout, that’s what I gave you.”

Ref Cortez seemed to believe the win was legal too, saying,

“Time was in. [Ortiz] needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal.”

Of course, Victor’s camp sees things very definitely. They are already calling for a rematch and Ortiz has gone on record saying it “wasn’t a fair fight”.

Interestingly, the entire boxing community seems a bit disappointed with the outcome. Let’s hope the upcoming Marquez/Pacquiao fight can restore their faith in the sport.



By Michael Lopez



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