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Megyn Kelly Receives Go Ahead For Production Of Political Comedy Series ‘Embeds’

Megyn Kelly Receives Go Ahead For Production Of Political Comedy Series 'Embeds'

Embeds, Megyn Kelly‘s new series, is hoping to capture the controversies and OMG moments of this election cycle. Kelly, the host of The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel, has teamed up with Fifty Shades of Grey producer Michael De Luca for what sounds like a great comedy about the reporters, campaign managers, political figures, and staff members, who are playing a part in this presidential election.

Embeds will follow a group of five young journalists, who were given the opportunity of a lifetime – cover and report on the surprising gaffes, major scandals, accidental leaks, and controversial comments that occurred on the campaign trail.

The political comedy will also reveal the complicated personal lives of the five main characters. Here is a brief description of Embeds:

“The series will follow five young reporters who are in way over their heads as they find themselves shaping the future of the country while experiencing raucous adventures in an unexpected world of sex, drugs, and swing states.”

The creators of Embeds are hoping to have great politicians appear in the series. Vice President Joe Biden, who made cameos on Parks and Recreation and Veep and former Texas Governor and failed presidential candidate Rick Perry, who is dancing his heart out on Dancing with the Stars seem like potential contenders for Embeds.

Kelly will produce the series, which was created by Scott Conroy, the author of “Sarah From Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar,” and Snapchat‘s head of news, Peter Hamby.

Conroy and Hamby started talking about the possibility of working on a similar project during the 2008 presidential campaign but were not able to launch it.

However, the pair could not resist after watching the very contentious 2016 primaries. The scripted TV show will air on Verizon’s streaming service Go90, a free mobile video service and social entertainment platform.

Go90 has already ordered six half-hour episodes of the show. Kelly, who is also represented by CAA, instantly clicked with De Luca over the project. The creators are hoping that political buffs and people, who are not deep into politics, will be captivated by the show.

Embeds is not the first TV series that Kelly has produced. Kelly and Dustin Lance are behind the White House drama called The Residence, which stars actor Kevin Spacey on FX.

It has been a great year for Kelly, she made headlines because of her feuds with Donald Trump, graced the covers of several well-regarded magazines, and the ratings of her show are every TV host’s dream. Moreover, she signed a $10 million deal with HarperCollins to write a book called “Settle for More” scheduled for release later this year.




By Kelly Daniels



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