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Messiah’s New Album Debuts At Top 5 In “Latin Rhythm” Sales As Listed By Billboard Magazine

Messiah's New Album Debuts At Top 5 In "Latin Rhythm" Sales As Listed By Billboard Magazine 2

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New York, New York – the new album from the versatile urban exponent Messiah “El Artista” debuted in the “Top 5” from the list of sales “Latin Rhythm” Billboard magazine with successful sales during its first week. ”

El Artista debuted in the Top 5The album is titled “Made In Europe” and is based on the inspiration of Messiah and his producer DJ 40, after touring the European continent during the beginning of this year on their tour “Tamo Lindo Europe Tour“. Messiah and DJ 40 developed a species of ‘ study mobile ‘ and took advantage of any moment of inspiration for work in this project musical to weigh that is were busy traveling by more than 4 countries European and exhausting them tickets of more than 16 presentations.

Made In Europe is a project that is very important for me because it makes all the difference in my early days, I have now further developed my skills as a rapper, singer and songwriter, I have made major changes in my team and I’m dabbling in the market as an entrepreneur joven”-the artist exclaimed. “

Said album is being distributed by Cinq Music and is available on all digital platforms: iTunes, Androidmarket, Spotify, Apple Connect, Pandora and many more. It has 12 original songs and the collaboration of the winning producers of Latin Grammy A & X (Alcover & Xtassy), The Echo Team, Sone, Wreck Beatz, The Reason, Pinto Wahin (former player of the boat featured in the Young Messi theme), Light GM, DJ Urba, DJ Dark Beats and Xclusive.

Messiah began his career with the remixes of songs popular American as “Hotline Bling” (my cell) and “Commas”. He had offers from the major record labels in the United States, and the international VIBE Magazine stated that the influence of Messiah it is opening the way to the next generation of bi-cultural urban artists. Recently, Messiah became the official voice d



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