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A Love Letter To A City That Exists In Our Memories

The album features special guests: Graham Coxon (Blur), Dan The Automator (Gorillaz), Cuco, BIA, La Perla, Banda Misteriosa,
Sergio Mendoza and Joe Crepúscolo

“Mexican Institute of Sound‘s Camilo Lara dials up one of his most haunting rhythms, a lurching yet frenzied beat clearly influenced by Mexico’s sonidero culture.“ – Sounds and Colours
“Part of the album’s charm is the languid pace of its songs, which evolve in unusual ways and burrow their way into your head” – Songlines Magazine
“He doesn’t have any pretenses about the music he makes. It’s electric cumbia, but it pokes fun at a lot of stuff.” – KCRW
“Mexico City’s most eccentric DJ” – Rolling Stone
“Distrito Federal is Mexican Institute of Sound’s most sublime creation to date” – Gozamos

Los Angeles, CA (February, 2021)Mexican Institute of Sound has become a staple in Mexican music in the past years. His music is constantly evolving bringing fresh sounds, while his storytelling speaks of the past and present. Distrito Federal (D.F.) is his latest studio album released today and a love letter to his beloved city.

The new album plays homage to the city he once knew and memories from the past from a city he loved and now only lives in his memories stored in his mind like an old polaroid or songs we heard as children, places we visited, food we enjoyed, and people who shaped us.

Distrito Federal was recorded in México, Colombia, Los Angeles, Los Cabos and San Francisco featuring a wide variety of special guests such as renowned artist, Graham Coxon on ‘My America Is Not Your America’ or La Banda Misteriosa from Oaxaca in a new version of, ‘The Lunatics’, besides Cuco’s hypnotizing voice on ‘Paloma’ and BIA and Duckwrth on ‘Vamos’. There is room for musical genres to fade and acquire a homogeneous corporeity, the nuances are so many that it becomes a one of a kind album. Without a doubt, a journey in which Camilo takes us by the hand and that each time we listen we savor more. Guests like Dan The Automator, Joe Crepúsculo or Sergio Mendoza give the necessary final touches to the album.

Between cumbias, mariachis, ballads, rhymes and beats that become doughy at times causing an almost uncontrollable dance, the 10 songs on the album from Mexican Institute of Sound act as the geographical protagonist with no trace on a map that can be bought at a hallmark store, but rather pin points you as a living entity, as a city that although it has mutated, still feels alive and with much to contribute.

The album’s artwork was created by Urbano Mata, a Mexican cartoonist. The artwork takes you through a Mexico that has already lived through the ancient codes, which have been a fundamental part of the country’s history and make their colorful appearance in one of the most surprising releases in the album’s artwork.

Distrito Federal promises to take you back to those treasured memories of Mexican folklore and traditions transformed with cosmopolitan touches that instantly makes the album one of the best of 2021. Distrito Federal is available today on all DSP’s and a special vinyl edition available here: www.institutomexicanodelsonido.tv




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