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Mexican ‘Nuevemom’ Declared A Fraud

Mexican 'Nuevemom' Declared A Fraud 2


Looks like it’s good news for Nadya Suleman. The Octomom’s supposed competition is no more. According to reports, the Mexican woman carrying nine babies fooled the press with her story.

Shot down nearly as quickly as it broke, the “Nuevemom” chisme created a ton of headlines on Friday. At first, it was believed that Karla Vanessa Perez had been artificially inseminated with nine baby embryos.

Now it seems, it was all a publicity hoax. Univision got hold of Karla’s doctor who denied that she was even pregnant. It is still unclear whether Perez was in on the fraud or had been duped herself by another fertility doc.

Either way, it’s one less Guinness World Record for Mexico. At least they can take solace knowing they helped create the world’s biggest enchilada. Better luck next time Karla!



By Michael Lopez



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