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Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case Goes to the Jury

This, truly, is it.

After 23 days—spread out over six long weeks— of testimony from 49 witnesses and tense exchanges between the prosecution and the defense, all the evidence all has been presented, and both sides, finally, have rested their cases.

With the jobs of D.A. David Walgren and Conrad Murray‘s defense team now done, it’s over to the jury, the 12 men and women it now falls to to decide the fate of Michael Jackson‘s doctor. Lest we forget, he has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, and his argument hinges on the claim that it was the King of Pop himself who self-administered the fatal dose of propofol.

The court of public opinion seems to have spoken loud and clear, but what about the actual court? Will the jury buy it? Will Murray get the maximum penalty? There’s no word on how long it may take the jury to come to a decision, though luckily, the watchful world won’t be caught off guard: the court confirmed this morning that it will give all media outlets (and thus, the world) two hours’ notice that a verdict has been reached before it is read out in court.

Judge Michael Pastor adjourned the proceedings for the day and the jury will begin deliberations tomorrow morning.

Godspeed, jurors. Godspeed.




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