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Michael Jackson’s ‘Immortal’ Cirque Du Soleil Soundtrack Comes Out Next Month!

Michael Jackson‘s second posthumous album “Immortal” will be released in November and is full of newly remastered outtakes and alternate versions of old hits, Epic Records announced.

Immortal” is the soundtrack for the new Cirque du Soleil show, “The Immortal World Tour” which debuted on Sunday. The album features an alternative version of the Jackson 5 hit, “ABC,” as well as a series of mashups and remixes.


The new Cirque show is Michael Jackson‘s music and visuals on steroids and we can expect the sountrack to be the same!  The new world tour show has over 60 songs from Jackson‘s catalog. MJ had a hidden treasure, full of unreleased material, upon his death in 2009. “Immortal” has the full backing of his estate. So we will have some new songs, mixed with classic MJ tunes for our iPod!

The album release will be available as a 15-track or a deluxe 22-track that will go on sale Nov. 21.  Hopefully the full 60+ tracks are released in the future!



By Larry Yepez Jr.



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