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Michael Phelps Opens Up On Secret Wedding And Addresses Baby Rumors

Michael Phelps Opens Up On Secret Wedding And Addresses Baby Rumors

On the heels of a revelation that gold medalist Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson secretly already married, the Olympic swimmer took to Facebook to explain himself.

“I’ve been married for a while,” the 31-year-old told fans during a Facebook live chat Thursday. “Couple months.”

Multiple reports have confirmed he and Johnson privately wed on June 13 in Maricopa County, Ariz. The marriage license was issued on June 9, 2016.  “Such a memorable night with my lil fambam,” Johnson wrote on Instagram on their special day five months ago.

“I had to keep it secret from y’all. I had to keep it hush hush from you guys,” Phelps said into the camera. “Nicole and I are married. We are officially married and now we are getting the chance to just kind of kick it [and] hang out now.”

When one fan asked about the secrecy, the swimmer simply said, “Just because gotta always have something, guys.”

However, the proud dad did offer one token of insight into the Phelps clan’s family fans. “Baby number two may be coming soon,” he hinted. “Who knows though!”

Phelps has certainly won America’s heart as a family man, particularly as Boomer and mom Nicole were consistently spotted watching his races from the stands in Rio. After all, it had been Phelps’ first Olympic run as a father.

“To have our first-born be able to watch—I’ll say this just, in case I come back—my potential last Olympics,” he said during a press conference. “Just so you guys don’t beat me to death if I come back, I’m just going to say that: To have him watch the potential last races of my career is something I look forward to being able to share with him.”

At just a few months old, the baby shot immediately to viral fame. “He went from 5,000 followers in late June…to like 660,000 followers,” Phelps told Jimmy Fallon of his son’s blossoming Instagram account.

While we await the potential news of the next Phelps baby on the way, here’s hoping the future cherub shares big brother Boomer’s social media savviness and fabulous sense of style.



By Samantha Schnurr



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