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Michelle Rodriguez Dishes On ‘Resident Evil’ & ‘Fast Six’

It looks like there are a lot of sequels in store for Michelle Rodriguez in the coming months. Not only is she set to appear in Resident Evil 5 later this year, she also may be on board for the next Fast & Furious movie. At least, that’s what she’s telling

Fast and Furious is pretty much what I’ve got my sights set on for the next year,” she told an interviewer. “And if [Resident Evil 5] does well, maybe I’ll pop back in for another one.”

Clearly Rodriguez’ continued film appearances prove she can cheat death many times over. Her Resident character, Rain Ocampo, famously turned into a zombie in the first film and in Fast & Furious, she was taken out in a horrific car crash.

But hey, this is Hollywood right? If a movie franchise is successful enough, they can bring anyone back. And Michelle, openly honest as ever,  offered up her reasoning behind that.

“Right now Hollywood is a giant factory of remakes because everyone is pussying out and they don’t want to try anything new,” she went on to say. “The money situation in the States isn’t so keen right now. Our dollar is shitty, so I can understand why the studios are doing the guaranteed hit-off movies. I’m banking on that and I’m proud to be part of franchises that want me back.”


By Michael Lopez



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