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Miguel Bosé Recognized For His Humanitarian Works At The Nobel Peace Summit Awards

Miguel Bosé, Spain’s most influential artist was awarded the medal of Social Impact for his humanitarian contribution and his on going work as an advocate of nature, the oceans, the preservation of the indigenous culture and the relentless search to find the AIDS vaccine among other causes. This recognition took place during the world Nobel Peace Summit awards that were held in Merida, Yucatan Mexico between the 19th and 22nd of September.

According to Ekaterina Zagladina President to the Executive Board of the world Summit of Nobel Peace, “The medal of Social Impact represents one of the greatest honors and globally recognizes the work of activists in favor of a more just and peaceful world”. The decision to award this prize to Miguel Bosé was supported unanimously by the program organizing committee, the cabinet of the governor of Yucatán and the Nobel Prize winners attending the event. The previous winners of this recognition are Kerry Kennedy, Leyner Palacios Asprilla, Arcadi Oliveres, Tarek Brhane, Jurek Owsiak, Chaeli Mycroft.

The ceremony took place at the end of the event held at the international congress in Merida Yucatán.

Juan Manuel Santos winner of the 2016 Nobel Peace prize gave an emotional speech before handing out the medal to the artist: “Miguel Bosé is an incredible Spanish singer, a great human being. Miguel has been passionate about ocean conservation and has used his celebrity status to support this very important cause. He has received countless honors, such as Latin Grammy 2013 Person of the Year and honorary president of Mexico’s Fundacion Patrimonio Indigena, which promotes and supports indigenous communities”.

“Miguel Bosé continues working on his musical career and his philanthropic causes, and I have a personal reason to be especially honored and pleased to present this to him today. I’ve had a long friendship with him, we’ve known each other for a while now. But Miguel has a great virtue: he is Colombian. He was given the Colombian citizenship a few months before I assumed the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, and at that event where he was given citizenship, he courageously told my predecessor that if he didn’t want to speak to the FARC, Miguel, in the name of the citizens would. I followed his advice and a few months later, we started talking to the FARC and attained a peace treaty.”

After these words, Miguel Bosé took the stand to receive the recognition: “Thanks to Juan Manuel Santos, who is family. Thank you for this recognition that you will travel directly to Geneva, to the headquarters of my foundation called Peace Without Borders, foundation that was created many years ago by Juanes and I, with the sole purpose of raising our voice, so that the PEACE, that word so small and yet so powerful, so hated and so loved at the same time, had the space it deserves. It’s an everyday work, my team and I work every day for PEACE, we dedicate many hours to it”.

“When the foundation was created, we realized that one of the pillars of the United Nations, which is PEACE and SECURITY, did not enjoy universal human rights status. And we raised, together with organizations, a very arduous battle. The result came on June 16, 2016: PEACE achieved Universal Law status, thanks to Paz Sin Fronteras. PEACE is such a big thing that it must be worked on every day, it’s not just a little bit,  it’s a duty, a right of every citizen in this world. This 2019, which marks 100 years of multilateralism, I think a lot will happen. Maybe I’m presumptuous, but I dare to say something very big is about to come and change a lot of things. Thank you!”

In addition to this important recognition of his work as an activist, Miguel Bosé participated in two major panels: Art and Sports as Peace builders that took place on Thursday 19th of September in which he shared opinions with actor Diego Luna and the soccer player Rafael Márquez. The second one was Celebrating Our Differences held on September 20th alongside singer-songwriter Joy Huerta, Rigoberta Menchú Nobel Prize winner and Berenice King minister and daughter of Martin Luther King.

Icon, artist, singer, composer, and philanthropist, Miguel Bosé has contributed with various charities including his own Fundación Patrimonio Indígena Mexico, National Geographic Pristine Seas, The Malviva Marine Project and the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation. Alongside Juanes, Miguel Bosé initiated Paz Sin Fronteras, giving concerts in 2008 at the border between Colombia and Venezuela, and in Cuba in 2009. In 2013 he visited the ONU headquarters in Geneva, to add one of his greatest achievements as an activist: making it possible for PEACE to be recognized as a human right.

This 2019 he attended Venezuela Aid Live concert where he sought to raise awareness of the Venezuelan crisis.




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