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Miley Cyrus’ Hospitalization Ends,But Her Friends Don’t Believe Allergy Reaction Was the Real Cause

Miley Cyrus' Hospitalization Ends,But Her Friends Don't Believe Allergy Reaction Was the Real Cause

Miley Cyrus was hospitalized recently and it was allegedly because of a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic that she has been taking in for sinus infection. Very few believed that was the case, especially since allergic reactions are often treated by a strong steroid and if the allergy is strong, an IV filled with meds can be given to offset the reaction. Being hospitalized because of an allergic reaction, no matter how severe, can sound superfluous and impossible. But if that is the case, no one can say otherwise really.

 Friends and fans however have a different notion about the reason why Miley Cyrus was hospitalized. It is quite hard for a celebrity to be admitted to an hospital and even be granted an extended stay, so Miley’s handlers version of events sounds quite sketchy. The May 5 print edition of Star magazine will publish a story of her friends believing that Miley was hospitalized not for allergic reactions but because her hard partying and workaholic style has finally caught up with her, causing her to collapse. Her one week stay in the hospital is also speculated to be a detox program that Miley’s handlers do not want her fans to know about. Miley Cyrus using drugs is not a secret and some people will actually say she is a proud user. Being hospitalized because of it may just be a tad scandalous and embarrassing.

On the other hand, fans can also just take her handlers’ word for it and believe she has both a sinus infection and a severe allergic reaction, and she checked herself in a hospital for a week to make sure she recovered fully. The fact that Miley’s inability to stop partying is not necessarily a secret, her doctors probably deem it as a best precaution to  admit her to make sure that she didn’t use any other drugs that could have negatively interacted with the antibiotics that she needed and further aggravate her condition.

Either way, being hospitalized just might be a blessing in disguise. Everyone can see how hard she works and then parties, so that one week stay at the hospital just might have given her the rest she badly needs.



By Annie Dee



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