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Miley Cyrus’ Recent Grabs For Attention Were Aimed To Bring Attention To The Homeless and LGBT Communities

Miley Cyrus' Recent Grabs For Attention Were Aimed To Bring Attention To The Homeless and LGBT Communities

Usually, Miley Cyrus makes headlines because she dyes her armpits pink or has taken (another) picture of herself naked. This time, she’s getting attention for a good reason – the singer set up a foundation to help the homeless.

In fact, all that attention-grabbing behavior may be part of an evil-genius scheme. It takes a lot to get people to listen, and if pink armpit hair or nipples do it, Miley will expose both to the world.

“What are you saying? And that’s what I had to ask myself a lot. It’s like, I know you’re going to look at me more if my (breasts) are out, so look at me. And then I’m going to (talk) about my foundation for an hour and totally hustle you.”

It may be hard to take Cyrus seriously, but the charity certainly is the real thing, and it has an admirable purpose. Miley’s The Happy Hippie Foundation aims to raise awareness about homeless youth and the LGBT community, Rolling Stone reported.

“It’s something that everyone sees,” Miley said. “It’s like the birds chirping. We’re consciously ignoring it at all times, but it’s always happening right in front of us.”

Funds raised will help build support groups online for these kids and their families and open a center for homeless youth in Hollywood called My Friend’s Place. Cyrus’ foundation is necessary because of the “lack of acceptance and alienating people in society,” she told ABC News.

“We started a year ago with Jesse and we were focused on the homeless youth in L.A. and different support groups in San Francisco. Now, we’re going bigger and wanting to take on America. And by the end of it we’re going to be taking on the world.”

Those are some pretty big dreams, but Miley pointed out that she has lots of power, and her singing voice shouldn’t just be for herself – it should be used for a greater purpose, The New York Daily News added. Miley’s philosophy sounds fairly wise for a 22-year-old.

To raise money for the foundation, Cyrus is holding a series of backyard concerts – held at her house as a matter of fact – with a range of musicians including Joan Jett (who starred in the first one), Ariana Grande, Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and Melanie Safka.

Videos of these concerts will be posted exclusively to Facebook, and a donation button will be embedded right inside, Cyrus said.

Apparently, Miley keeps on with the crazy stunts to serve as an example for LGBT youth who lack self-confidence, have been alienated and rejected from society, and judged for being themselves. She’s being herself, and she wants to tell others that “no one should have to hide who they really are, no matter what his or her name, gender or status.”

“You want to be peaceful with yourself and happy with yourself and love yourself. And sometimes I think, as women especially, I think that we’re not supposed to say, ‘I love myself,’ because that’s vain. But I love myself, and that’s what everyone should be able to say.”



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