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Mini-Documentary Ousts Wiz Khalifa’s Nightlife Career As ‘Dj Daddy Kat’

Mini-Documentary Ousts Wiz Khalifa's Nightlife Career As 'Dj Daddy Kat'

This year has seen a sizable musical output from Wiz Khalifa. He released a self-titled album which spawned the monster-hit “Bake Sale,” dropped a mixtape with Juicy J and Tm88 as TGOD Mafia, and even found time to get into one of the biggest rapper-feuds of the year with Kanye West. But this entire time he has been leading a double life; a life as a sex-crazed DJ named DJ Daddy Kat.

At least that’s what we learned from a mini-documentary charting a night in the life of Daddy Kat. Though his name may not carry as much weight as ‘Wiz Khalifa,’ he has been performing in clubs around the Las Vegas area for well over a year now. As he picks at a plate of french fries, he explains how this lifestyle came to be and just how different it is from his rapper life as Khalifa: “While Wiz might be positive and trying to bring a message, Daddy Kat is only there to f*ck your bitch.” At least he’s honest.

Daddy Kat continues to play in Las Vegas when he’s not investing in his rap career. His next party will be tonight at Tao.




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