CLOSED–Minute Maid #DoinGood Father’s Day Sweepstakes

CLOSED--Minute Maid #DoinGood Father’s Day Sweepstakes 1

DISCLAIMER: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Minute Maid and DiMe Media. Minute Maid will provide this prize. Minute Maid is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with the contest – and all opinions are my own.

So last month around Mother’s Day, ZayZay.Com joined with Minute Maid and DiMe Media to tell you about Minute Maid’s “Doin’ Good Campaign. Well, never let it be said that we at ZayZay.Com discriminate against fathers. (As if, Zay Zay himself would allow it). I am here to let you know that you Fathers have not been forgotten. So here’s a recap of what the “Doin’ Good” Campaign is all about

This Campaign was created to help parents realize that they are better than they think. As parents we always have that moment of doubt regarding our parenting skills. Are we being too hard on our kids? Maybe you feel you are trying too hard to be their friends and not their parent? Minute Maid “Doin’ Good” Campaign includes a series of videos with parents responding to the question, “Do you feel like you are doing a good job?”. Here is a one of the great videos they created.

Now here is what we want you to do. Join Minute Maid in asking parents if they feel they are doing a good job. It amazing how many parents think that just because they can’t be everywhere or do everything with their child, they are failing as parents. Help highlight the good moments you see in their lives and show them that they are “Doin’Good”.

During the next few months we will be asking our readers to share their parenting stories. Whether it’s an “aha” moment or a story about another family member, let us know who you feel is doing a great job. Why don’t we start off this new joint campaign with a Father’s Day Sweepstakes?

Know of a father who’s doing a great job but may not realize it? Post a shout out/short story about him on our Facebook page to let him know that he’s doing a better job as a parenting than he may realize.

By commenting you’ll have a chance to win an awesome Minute Maid prize pack, which includes a $50 Visa gift card. Use the gift card to continue “Doin’ Good” with your kids (or give it to someone you think could use it to keep Doin Good with his/her family).

What exactly are we looking for? Well, several years ago ZayZay came to me asking if he was doing a great job as a father. His concern was that he is not exactly a typical father. He’s never taken our Son to a game or camping or even thrown a ball in the backyard. So he was concerned he was being a bad parent. What was my response? “Well our Son is old enough that if he wanted to see a game he could take himself. If he wanted to go camping, he would have suggested it.” I then reminded him, that every time he had a life issue it was his father he turned to not me. If he needed money, advice or guidance it was always “ Pappy” that came to the rescue. The moral of the story is just because a person feels that they are lacking does not mean they are not “Doin’ good”.

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by Ninnette M. Aquino

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