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Miranda Cosgrove Deferes College for More iCarly

Listen up, kids: there’s nothing more important than an education. Except, of course, gainful employment in Hollywood.

Nickelodeon’s answer to Disney’s Miley and Demi, iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove, (who it may shock you to learn, at 17, actually is of higher learning age) is the latest starlet to defer her life as a coed in order carry on striking while the iron’s hot.

So far, Cosgrove has been accepted to both New York University and the University of Southern California, and while she may not be attending any of them anytime soon, that hasn’t stopped her from getting excited about the process.

“I just found out I got into NYU and USC! It’s cool,” she told Celebuzz last week. “I would love to go to one for two years and then the other for two years. I feel like they are both so great.”

And what would be her major? Film, of course.

From the sounds of it, Cosgrove has yet to formally accept either offer, though once she does—and if she chooses to formally defer—her slot in the school will be saved for a year. So what’s the holdup in her decision-making process?

Well, she told Seventeen that she’s also waiting to hear back from Yale, Brown and Berkeley, but her heart’s split between her top two choices.

“I’m chickening out last minute,” she told the mag. “I love New York, but I’m scared to move and leave L.A. I do have friends here [in NYC], but I’m not really close to a lot of people. I feel like it’d be a whole new life.”

It might be just the ticket after she closes the current chapter. Miranda deferred in order to film the fifth and likely final season of iCarly, which shoots in 2012.



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