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Mislabeled Pills Leading To Accidental Overdose Is The Listed Cause Of Prince’s Death

Mislabeled Pills Leading To Accidental Overdose Is The Listed Cause Of Prince's Death

The police investigation that followed the 57-year-old artist’s sudden death didn’t uncover any evidence of suicide or foul play. And, when the official autopsy report was released a few months later, the cause of death was listed as an overdose of a potent drug called Fentanyl.

It was assumed that the musician, who had been battling chronic pain for years, had accidentally overdosed. The latest intel delivered by inside sources connected with the case supports this theory, except it looks like there’s more to the story than we were initially told.

The pills were mislabeled, Prince had no idea what was in them

As per the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Fentanyl pills that killed Prince were not labeled as such. Instead, they were marked as Hydrocodone.

This latest finding suggests that Prince didn’t just simply one too many pills without realizing that he was ingesting an overdose. Rather, he medicated himself without knowing what was really in the drugs he was taking.

“Pills marked as Hydrocodone that were seized from Paisley Park after Prince’s overdose death actually contained fentanyl, the powerful opioid that killed him.”

“Investigators still aren’t certain how the 57-year-old megastar ingested the Fentanyl. However, they are leaning toward the theory that he took the pills not knowing they contained the drug,” writes the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Fentanyl is said to be about 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine so, if investigators are right and the late Prince took the pills without knowing they contained this very deadly compound, the accidental overdose can easily be explained.

For the time being, it remains unclear how Prince got the drugs that killed him. Considering the pills containing Fentanyl were erroneously labeled Hydrocodone, however, it’s a safe bet he bought them on the black market.

The musician had a history of abusing painkillers so the theory makes sense but, until investigators learn more about the weeks leading up to his death, there’s not much we can do except speculate.



By Laura Sinpetru



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