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Mitt Romney Opens Up About His ‘Mexican’ Roots

This may be hard to believe, but Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney technically qualifies as “half-Mexican.” How is that possible for someone of English, Scottish, and German heritage? It seems Mitt’s dad and granddad were both born in Mexico while the family was doing Mormon missionary work.

Apparently Romney’s great-grandfather Miles fled to Chihuahua during the late 1800’s to avoid persecution for his religious beliefs. He wound up spending several years there and even helped establish multiple Mormon churches throughout the country.

Mitt’s dad George was born in Mexico during that period and eventually moved back to America when he was a small child. Clearly it was a small footnote for the Romney family, but it could be a major playing card in this year’s election.

In recent weeks, Mitt’s has been bringing up his Mexican roots quite a bit when talking to voters. It’s an interesting angle, but in our opinion it won’t fly. Romney’s been known to preach against immigration reform and has promised to veto the DREAM Act if he were elected President. That certainly doesn’t sound very “Mexican” to us.


By Miguel Lopez



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