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Most Powerful Animated Film In History? Ticket Sales Point That It Just Might be

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen” Hits The Road With Ore-Ida®


Frozen is undoubtedly an incredible success for Disney at the box office. Overwhelmingly the reviews are positive and place Frozen squarely in the instant classic of Disney lore. The consumers are affirming these sentiments by spending their hard earned cash at the theaters to see the film, too.

Last week Frozen topped a milestone for movies, reaching the $500M mark in ticket sales, which is incredibly strong for an animated film. Some have questioned the marketing tactics for the film, largely ‘hiding’ some of the elements of the film in the trailers to reach a wider audience, but if you ask me it was simply shrewd genius. Once people sat in their seats they realized how wonderful a movie it is.

Here’s the most remarkable piece to Frozen‘s run…of the $500M, only half of the is from U.S. box offices, with the other half coming internationally. The Disney mark for U.S. ticket sales comes from The Lion King, back in 1994, with over $420M domestically. While Frozen isn’t there yet, it’s possible that this movie could dethrone the movie about safari cats and become the most successful animated Disney film of all-time.



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