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My InstaNatural Age-Defying Challenge

My InstaNatural Age-Defying Challenge 2

Well time for a new review. Like many women my age, I am starting to notice the pesky appearance of lines (or wrinkles if I must) around my eyes and mouth. I keep wondering where did these come from and if I could do anything to stop it.   Then I remembered that my mother was obsessed with face masks and creams at my age. Considering she looks darn good for her age, I figured why not.

It what at this time that I starting scouting around for options. After much searching, I decided to take an InstaNatural Age-Defining Challenge.

I started with the Dead Sea Mud Mask. This product instructs you to use it once a week for about 20 minutes (or until dry). I have to say that I noticed it left my face nice and clean without over drying. I followed this up with the Retinol Moisturizer to make sure I was getting the proper nourishment my skin needed. For the past week I have been using the Retinol Moisturizer during the day and the Retinol Serum at night. Right after the mask treatment I noticed fewer blackheads around my nose and a smooth over all texture to my skin. As the days are progressing I am noticing that although the lines are still there, they are more blurred as if my pores are less noticeable and therefore seemingly erasing them.

Although at this time I cannot state with absolute certainty that these 3 products will help me reverse time. It sure is off to be a great start.
InstaNatural beaty care 2

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I received these products in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own




by Ninnette M. Aquino

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