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Mythbusters Mishap: Cannonball Crashes Into Two Homes, Minivan

A science experiment for the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters misfired Tuesday afternoon – literally – sending a cannonball smashing into two homes and a minivan in a residential neighborhood.

Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were testing a cannon in Dublin, Calif., to see how fast a cannonball could travel when the incident occurred, and they found out the hard way.
“This cannonball was supposed to go through several barrels of water and through a cinder block, and then ultimately into the side of the hill,” J.D. Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department told CBS Los Angeles.

Instead, the rogue cannonball veered into a nearby neighborhood. It burst through the front door of a home, ricocheted up the stairs to the second floor, exited through a wall, and flew across the road into a second home, where it fell through the roof, according to CBS Los Angeles. It finally crashed through the window of a parked minivan before coming to a stop.

Though there were people inside both homes, no one was injured.

Jasper Gill, the owner of the minivan, told CBS he exited the vehicle minutes before the cannonball made its entry.

“It hit the dash, through the passenger window,” Gill said. “I’m lucky I’m alive.”

In a statement, the Discovery Channel said the testing was being conducted at the bomb range of the local sheriff’s department and proper safety protocols were observed.



By Liz Raftery



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