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Nadya Suleman, Octomom, and 14 Kids Being Evicted

Nadya Suleman, Octomom, and 14 Kids Being Evicted

Nadya Suleman, best known as Octomom, and her 10 sons and four daughters could be evicted from their Orange County, Calif. home before Christmas.

Suleman’s landlord Lana El-Jor told the The Mirror she wants the mother of 14 to vacate her five-bedroom three-bathroom home because of her poor reputation as a tenant.

“I have had problems refinancing the building myself because of her,” said El-Jor, who purchased the property were Suleman lives just last month.

“That’s one of the things why we have to ask her to leave. The bank refused to support the loan. She is said to have left her houses abused and everything and it worried the bank.”

El-Jor explained that Suleman was not home when she went to look at the house before buying it from Tim Chapman, a rehab center owner, who knows Suleman from a stint she did at the institution.

Photos of the property, which used to be a halfway house for recovering alcoholics, show that the home is in poor condition and has a few broken windows. According to El-Jor, Suleman’s children Aidan, Amerah, Caleb, Calyssa, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Joshua, Josiah, Maliah, McCai, Nariah and Noah sleep in cramped bunk beds.

“Fourteen kids need a bigger backyard for sure. I saw they had four bunk beds. I think those were for the little ones. And they had beds in all the other rooms,” El-Jor added.

Suleman entered Chapman’s rehab center in Orange County to be treated for “anxiety, exhaustion and stress” in October 2012. She reportedly made over $200,000 last year from TV appearances and ­interviews but still claimed benefits, which led to an investigation.



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