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New Book Takes A Critical Look At Cesar Chavez

In the Latino civil rights world, the late Cesar Chavez is regarded as a saint. A co-founder of the United Farm Workers, he made incredible strides in the labor and immigration movements with his activism. But, according to a new book, he was not without his flaws.

Trampling Out The Vintage is creating quite a bit of waves among the Chavez fan base for its critical look at the legendary Latino leader. According to author Frank Bardacke (who was a member of the UFW), Cesar made big blunders within the union.

Cesar Chavez was no saint,” Bardacke said in a recent interview. “I knew him and he made mistakes within the union that wound up weakening that great movement of the 1970’s.”

Frank went on to say that Chavez put incompetent people in UFW leadership roles and caused friction between members who were from Mexico and those who were born in the U.S. But Bardacke made sure to emphasize that the book isn’t just full of Cesar-flavored haterade.

“My book is not a biography to discredit Cesar Chavez,” he went on to say. “My work tells a lot about Cesar Chavez, but it’s more a history of the UFW.”

You can judge for yourself by picking up a copy of Trampling Out The Vintage, which is in bookstores now.

By Michael Lopez



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