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New Music from Onda Mundial: Klik & Frik Drop New EP Today

Today Klik & Frik Drop ‘MOMOTO’ EP With Onda Mundial

Onda Mundial Announces New Releases & March Residency Line-Up

By releasing new music from emerging and known artists and producers within the Latin American dance circuit, Onda Mundial is setting out to create an iconic catalog that faithfully represents contemporary sounds from the region. Adding to the releases this February Onda Mundial will drop a two single EP from Klik y Frik, a new project from the masterminds of Frikstailer, Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona.

The EP is comprised of “Momoto” a track that maintains introspective elements and almost cinematic progression – a great downtempo track perfect for relaxation or just chillin’. And “Salamanquesa” sonically is closer to cumbia rhythms that appeal to the clarinet heard in 1950’s cumbia orchestras. But with synthesizers that maintain the interest of contemporary dance floors hits.

Inspired from the duo’s residency with Onda Mundial at their club Galera in Mexico City, Rafa reflects, “El momoto es un ave y la salamanquesa es una lagartija, ambas muy bonitas. Tienes que googlearlas con los nombres científicos y te salen las fotos. Y la idea era anclar el lanzamiento a Tepoztlán. Una de las razones es que cuando llegamos a México, fue el primer lugar donde nos instalamos un tiempito hasta que encontramos casa en la Ciudad de México. Y otra es que tenemos ahí a nuestro ingeniero de sonido y gran amigo Andrés Oddone. Siempre ha sido un lugar en el que nos movemos mucho, a donde íbamos bastante. Al final salió la posibilidad de filmar los videos también en Tepoz y todo cobró más sentido aún. Tiene que ver con eso y con homenajear especies endémicas de la zona”

[ The momoto is a bird and the salamanquesa is a lizard, both are beautiful. You have to Google their scientific names and check out the photos. And the idea was to anchor the launch in Tepoztlán. It was one of the reasons we came to México, it was the first place where we stayed before we found a house in Mexico City. And the other was our sound engineer and great friend Andrés Oddone. It was also the place we were going to or coming from a lot. And finally, we had the opportunity to film our video in Tepoz – and everything made more sense. It has to do with all of that and honoring the endemic species of the area.]

The EP, ‘Momoto’ is due out February 21st and will be available everywhere you stream music.





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